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& THE New Rules of Retirement Saving
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The New Holistic Retirement
The New Rules of Retirement Saving


Emerging Risks for American Savers...

and How to Overcome Them With

Long Game Thinking


THE New Rules of Retirement Saving

The Risks No One is Telling You About...

And How to Fix Them


With Foreward by Gary Goldberg

Martin H. Ruby, FSA, Neil Wilding, and Becky Ruby Swansburg are authors, public speakers, and co-­owners of Stonewood Financial. They bring unique background and insight to addressing the top challenges facing today's savers. Martin is an actuary-a mathematics specialist focused on identifying and eliminating risk. A former insurance-industry executive, Martin has extensive experience in the development of insurance and financial products. Neil has spent his career at the forefront of consumer financial advice, working with financial professionals to align their recommendations with the developing needs of American savers and Becky brings a background in government and policy, having spent her early career in Washington, D.C. working in the White House and on Capitol Hill. Together, they share fresh perspective on The New Holistic approach to retirement. 

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